Rediscover your sensuality
and reunited
Of yourself!

Discover Sensual Dance Fit, the revelation program that has already transformed the lives of thousands of women!

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What is Sensual Dance Fit?

Sensual Dance Fit is the first women-only program created to help women regain their femininity and sensuality through simple dance steps and fitness exercises.







Being a woman
is not always easy

Mother, wife, daughter, worker, friend... As a woman you have a thousand roles and commitments and must constantly be available to everyone. Too often you cannot find time to take care of yourself as you would like. And as you deserve.

Sensual Dance Fit is for you who want to put yourself back in the center of your life, to value yourself, to love yourself, because you know that after all, it all starts with you!

How does Sensual Dance Fit work?

20 classes, twice a week: a program designed with love by one woman for all other women, thanks to which you can rediscover your true femininity and sensuality and get in shape!

The program is divided into quarterly modules, each devoted to a different theme and featuring new choreography!

Much more than a dance class

Sensual Dance Fit is not just a dance class, but a lifestyle.

You will learn to look at yourself, perceive yourself, and move in a totally new way.
You will discover your innate elegance and sensuality:
not the one imposed by the opinions of others, but an authentic strength that blossoms to within, and is yours alone. No one will be able to take it away from you, no matter what you do and wherever you go!
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How Sensual Dance Fit
Will change your life

You will rediscover your femininity

You will increase your good mood and energy

I would regain self-esteem and self-love

You will learn to move with elegance and confidence

You will love your body in every form

You will find a new family of women

Carolyn and the intruder: find out how Sensual Dance Fit came about

Sensual Dance Fit is not a desk-bound idea, but was born from a true story. The story of Carolyn Smith and the intruder who turned her life upside down. And how this dance program saved her, allowing her to find herself again.

But every woman has an "intruder" in her that prevents her from living fully: an unsatisfying relationship, a stressful job, a health problem or something else.
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Hear testimonials from those who have already chosen to be part of Sensual Dance Fit

The power of sisterhood
in Sensual Dance Fit

One of the magical ingredients of Sensual Dance Fit is the sisterhood that is established among the women who participate in the project.
Women who ally themselves in achieving their goals.
Sisters walking together and supporting each other in transformation-all of this gives rise to a strong and harmonious movement, not only the among students of the same class but also among those of different schools.

That is why we want to support this sisterhood by creating live events where women who have never met before sit next to each other as if they were lifelong friends, where we all dance, learn, share and get excited together. And you go home stronger.

During the summer of 2022, we organized a traveling tour throughout Italy during which Carolyn was able to meet and talk with women who have decided to begin this journey! The magic was seeing hundreds of women joking, laughing, and dancing together as if they had known each other all their lives even though they had never seen each other before.

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Are you a 'teacher or owner of a dance school?

Sensual Dance Fit has a dream: to enable all women around the world to rediscover their femininity and express their true potential.

That's why we are always selecting new schools and teachers who want to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of women, then allowing their businesses to grow and become known...

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